Pendant Lightings Are a Popular Decorative Or Task Lighting Option

A pendant light fixture is attached from the ceiling, providing accent and ambient light. Replaced the traditional ceiling pendant light, mini pendant is a popular trend to be installed above kitchen island, bedroom, hallway, entrance or other exquisite space because of its versatility in styles. When used with dimmers, they can change different color temperatures, creating refined, elegant and fascinating beautiful tricks of light and timeless charm. Find pendant light ceilings in a variety of sizes, finishes and materials at Moooni Lighting, including glass, crystal and wood and other styles like industrial pendants & modern pendant lights, etc.

Pendant Light (42)

Moooni® Colourful 3D Glass Fireworks Hanging Light


Moooni® Pendant Light with Crystal Line


Moooni® Elegant Sakura Crystal Chandelier


Moooni® Elegant Crystal Dandelion Chandelier


Moooni® Crystal Dandelion Chandelier


Moooni® Industrial Farmhouse Crystal Chandelier


Moooni® Crystal Round Pendant Light


Moooni® Crystal Pendant Light with Pineapple Shaped


Moooni® Multiple Rings Galaxy Crystal Chandelier