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Best 2022 Decorative Chandeliers You'll be Loving In

178 Results

Frozen Heart Dinning & Kitchen Crystal Chandelier

10 reviews

Wide Crystal Rectangular Iron Dining Chandelier

11 reviews

Farmhouse Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

61 reviews

Black Circular Shape Frame Crystal Chandelier

12 reviews

Black Oval Metal Frame Crystal Chandelier

13 reviews

Oval Shape Crystal Pendant Light

17 reviews

Glass Tube Matte Black Crystal Chandelier

12 reviews

Drum Shape Crystal Pendant Light

6 reviews

Round 15.7" Matte Black Metal Grid Raindrop Crystal Chandelier

6 reviews

Questions & Answers

Will My Chandelier Be Bright Enough To Light The Whole Room?
This is one of the biggest mistakes you might made with a chandelier. Placing a single fixture in the center of a room and expecting it to entirely light that room is a recipe for bad lighting.
Chandeliers are decorative fixtures, meant to impart style and ambiance, so do not expect your chandelier to be a room's primary lighting source.
How Much Light Do I Really Need From My Chandelier?
Chandeliers work best as a supplementary light source and even better when incorporated into a whole lighting system. For example, incorporating recessed cans, cove lighting, or wall sconces in a room are great ways to accent the space, highlight walls, paintings, plants, countertops, and cabinets.
What Height Should I Hang My Chandelier From The Ceiling?
If you put a chandelier light over any tabletop or kitchen island, make sure it's 30-34 inches above the surface so no one will hit their head while standing up. When your chandelier is an accent in the middle of the room with a standard 8-foot ceiling, the bottom should be at least 7 feet off the floor. For ceilings above 8 feet, add three more inches of clearance for every extra foot of ceiling height. A 12-foot ceiling needs a chandelier that hangs about 8 feet off the ground, for example.
What Size Chandelier Should I Choose From?
The size of the chandelier depends on both the size of the room and the size of the table. Add the length and width of the room in feet and substitute inches for feet, giving you the width of an appropriately-sized chandelier for the room. (A 11’x17′ dining room, for example, would take approximately a 28″ wide fixture.) For determining the size of a chandelier based on your table size, the chandelier should be at least 12″ smaller in width than the width of the dining table. The perfect chandelier will be an important medium between these two measurements.
Are There Any Other Factors I Should Consider When Choosing A Chandelier?
Sometimes it's good to have something unexpected rather than going for a "safe" look. Make sure it's something that you like!
Do I Need Chandelier Shades?
Chandelier shades can easily change the look and style. While they are not necessary, they do reduce glare and help to direct light down where needed. Keep in mind that chandelier shades will add 2” to 4″to the total width of the chandelier.
How Much Wattage Do I Need?
Most people don’t realize that the wattage maximum of a chandelier is determined not only by the wattage listed on the socket, but also by the chandelier shades used on it! If the wattage differs between your shade and your socket, always go with the lower wattage. Smaller shades limit maximum wattage. You should know that he mood and intensity of a chandelier is best controlled by a dimmer.
What Is A Mid-Century Modern Style?
Mid-century Modern chandeliers feature clean lines, organic curves, and geometric shapes. Many mid-century designs use a minimalist approach while creating a timeless allure.
Vintage Mid-Century Modern chandeliers are characterized by simple lines and a fun space-age feel. How to identify its look? Like mid-century architecture, furniture and textiles, the chandeliers from this period have geometric shapes, simple lines and a space-age feel. In general, look for shapes such as globes, hourglasses and rings being the dominant shapes.

Finding the Perfect Ideal Chandelier For Your Space

A well-designed chandelier is like a piece of jewelry you can use to illuminate and elevate any space. 
Chandeliers bring sophistication into your dining space while creating an instant focal point in the room. In the past, chandeliers were usually reserved for traditional dining rooms, but today’s chandeliers offer a variety of versatile options that work well in any space, from contemporary to traditional.

A bedroom chandelier highlights the bed, sets the mood, and makes the bedroom feel much cozier. Art deco chandeliers feature sleek, linear, and geometric forms that create a monolithic appearance. Place one in your dining area, or over the island in your kitchen. Ring chandeliers are designed to resemble rings, while cage chandeliers feature a light source surrounded by a metal, wire, or wood cage. Drum chandeliers have a center shade that resembles a drum, with a fabric cover that dims the light like a lamp shade. Add a globe chandelier for a touch of geometric design, with clean, spherical lines enclosing lights in the center.

Chandeliers have evolved and it's time to think beyond the traditional dining room chandelier! The versatility of chandelier lighting has enabled it to venture out beyond the formal rooms and not only serve as a striking visual centerpiece but as the main source of lighting for most any room. A unique, unusual, and fun chandelier can set the tone for an entire room and enhance its surroundings.