At 2009, we lauched our first ceiling fan light which was a huge hit in the North American market. Since then, we have continued to receive feedback from many of our customers. They keep telling us: is there any possibility to make the fan look better?

Since we’ve been around this field of chandelier design for many years, we understand our customers' great desire to get both a fan and a nice home decor.

Now Moooni Fandelier come out. It is a combination of a great ceiling fan and crystal chandelier. When switched off, the intrusive fan blades automatically retract and conceal,and visually the unit transforms into a slim, modern chandelier.

So when husband wants a fan but wife wants a chandelier, then you can say “why not both”?! These nobel fandeliers are more than just a chandelier fan: It's a statement and a reflection of the owner.

Now it’s time to throw off your old out-dated fan.

Fandeliers (20)

These small caged hidden blades fandeliers comes in different designs and styles. Most of their size are 17.7". It fits best to the children's room and any space which don't need much airflow.

Moooni® Crystal Black Fandelier


Moooni® 18 Lights Vintage Invisible Crystal Ceiling Fan Light


Moooni® 2022-Edition Black & Gold Fandelier


Moooni® Retractable Ceiling Fan and Light


Moooni® 4 Blades Chandelier Ceiling Fan


Moooni® Best Ceiling Fan with Light


Moooni® Ceiling Fan light with Remote Controller


Moooni® Ceiling Fan With Chandelier Light


Moooni® Ceiling Fan With Dimmable Light


Rated Excellent By You

Love it! Great Purchase!

Guests keep telling me how beautiful this looks and asked me for the brand. They all thought the fan is looking at a million-dollar chandelier.

E. Morales Buy Now
Beauty and function

Purchased this fan for our living room. We were more than thrilled with the quality, style and function of this unique fan. The installer even complimented the fan.

Kandice Buy Now
Good value for money

The ceiling fan light looks good, and the installation will not affect the decoration style of the home, and the noise of the fan is small, in general, it is good value for money!

Dixie K. Buy Now
Quality fan for the

We are pleased with the style of this fan and the quality. It is made of crystal, not glass or plastic. The fan runs quitely and doesn't wobble. It looks great over our kitchen table! We are extremely pleased with our purchase!

Ana Buy Now