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How often to clean it?

In general, crystal chandeliers should be cleaned every two to six months. The frequency of cleaning required depends on where it is used and how easy it is to get to the piece. For extremely large pieces like 20-foot chandeliers can get away with being cleaned only once a year.

Since crystal lighting is being featured in virtually every room of the house these days, some pieces may need more frequent cleanings based on their location. Chandeliers used in kitchens will need more detailed cleaning due to oil and grease buildup, as well as dust sticking to the components due to moisture from sinks and stoves.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for crystal chandeliers will always keep them sparkling. Yet if a piece is neglected, all it takes is a little extra effort with the methods listed follow to make it shine like new.

What you’ll need (not much!)

Materials: 1.Damp microfiber cloth; 2.Dry microfiber cloths.

You’ll also need: Spray bottle filled with water (optional).

Cleaning solution, such as white vinegar mixed with water or a mild soap and warm water solution. If your chandelier has been stored in an attic or garage during the winter months, you may want to use a diluted bleach solution on it instead of vinegar or soap. You can also buy cleaning solutions specifically formulated for crystal chandeliers at most hardware stores.

A bucket large enough to hold all of your tools and materials if they are not already contained within the bucket itself (this will make cleanup easier). The type of bucket you use is up to you—just make sure it’s sturdy enough not to tip over! A 5-gallon paint pail works well for this task.

Cleaning Method 1: Damp cloth method

Damp cloth method: Use a damp cloth and wipe the chandelier with it. This will remove most dust from the surface of the chandelier.

Clean cloth method: Then use dry cleaning pads (hand towels or paper towels) to clean up any remaining dust. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and grime that may be on your crystal chandelier.

Cleaning Method 2: The dry cloth method

Step 1: Clean each individual crystal with a dry cloth, or use a microfiber cloth for extra cleaning power.

Step 2: Remove dust from the chandelier by brushing it away from all surfaces using either a soft-bristled brush or feather duster (just be sure to keep the dust off of your furniture). Make sure you use an old rag when doing so—you don’t want to scratch your chandelier!

Cleaning Method 3: The chemical method

In the third method, you’ll clean your chandelier with a paintbrush and a mild soap. To do this, you will:

1.Use a soft brush to gently scrub the crystals.

2.Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or residue after brushing them clean. (Be sure not to use too much water or it could damage the crystals.)

3.Dry off all of the excess moisture with a dry cloth.

Other Useful Tips for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

To avoid mistakes so your chandelier cleaning process goes smoothly, follow these tips:

1.Dust your chandelier every two to three months with a feather duster or lambswool duster. Then, complete your chosen cleaning method about once a year.

2.Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, which can remove the finish from the gold- or silver-plated hooks that hold the crystal prisms in place.

3.Never rotate the chandelier to reach each section. This could loosen the fixture’s supports, which could eventually cause it to fall. Instead, move your ladder around as you clean.

4.While you’re at it, consider replacing the light bulbs, especially if the chandelier is hard to reach.

Call Professional Cleaning Services

If your chandelier hangs too high, or the design is so elaborate that you don’t feel comfortable taking it apart, you may need to call a professional cleaning service.