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All You Should Know About Moooni Fandelier

01Discover the 2-in-1 Perfect Decoration For Your Home

When husband wants a fan but wife wants a chandelier, then you can choose this fandelier

02Why you Should Use a Fandelier and How to Use it Correctly?

If you hate the look of ceiling fans, keep watching.Get yourself a “Fandelier”

03Super-Quiet & High-Effiency Motor Can Save A Lot Of Money

The 3 color changing light and dimmable light should be considered as the most important sections because it is very eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

04For those in cold climates, they are very useful in winter too.

Reverse the direction so they blow up on a low speed. This helps push the warm air down the walls and warm a room more evenly, which saves heating bills. They're wonderful in all seasons.

05Optimize Your House Designing

Lights attached to ceiling fans often look like an after-thought to me, as if they were tacked on at the end (and often they are). But there are a handful of fans with lights integrated into the design, which is far more attractive.