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Modern Unique 2-in-1 Design Retractable Fandeliers

5 Results

Tiffany Victorian Art Class Retractable Fandelier

10 reviews

Industrial Ceiling Fan Cage Light

74 reviews

Lotus Light Fixture Ceiling Fan

20 reviews

Rustic Ceiling Fan Light

8 reviews

Black Square Grid Vertical Crystal Fan Chandelier

2 reviews

Retractable Blades Chandelier Ceiling Fan

An evolution of form and function, these Moooni Modern decorative retractable ceiling fan chandelier is more than just a chandelier fan: it's a statement and a reflection of the owner.

We call it the fandelier. Which is a fan chandelier. Fan blades hide above the chandelier. Perfect for people who like fans but don't like to see fan blades as home decor. When the fan is turned on and the speed increases, the fan blades pop out. Fan blades are clear.

Blades open and closed by remote control. When closed, it is a beautiful crystal chandelier. When open, it is a foldable ceiling fan.

Choosing More Powerful Cool Looking Fandeliers to make your room pretty and decorative. You Need to Know