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Unique Touched Chandeliers For Bedroom

75 Results

Multi-Tier Crystal Chandelier

3 reviews

Modern Crystal Ring Chandelier

6 reviews

Modern Fruit Shaped Crystal Chandelier

21 reviews

Raindrop Circle Crystal Chandelier


Square Frame Cracked Glass Lampshade Droplight

9 reviews

Pendant Light with Crystal Line

7 reviews

Square Raindrop Ceiling Light

1 review

6 Lights Sputnik Globe Crystal Chandelier

7 reviews

9 Lights Sputnik Globe Crystal Chandelier

9 reviews

Why we love modern bedroom chandeliers

Pick an cool eye-catching chandelier, transforming your bedroom from a place of sleeping to your centrepiece of the house. A well-placed crystal chandelier at Moooni will add to your bedroom's lighting scheme in ways you are sure to comfort and love.

 Would you prefer a rectangular chandelier, a round chandelier or a more common ceiling fan chandelier? In addition to various sizes, bedroom chandeliers come in many different unique styles, so you’ll want to think about which one you might find most appealing.

Once you have a size and shape in mind, you can then refine your options by important characteristics like the sizes, colors, finishes and more.

Upgrade your bedroom with these modern unique touched chandeliers.